Small Beginnings

By: Autumn Miles

Growing up in a small Indiana town, I watched my dad, a pastor, preach for many years. Even as a child, I was mesmerized by his speaking ability. I would listen intently to the inflection in his voice as he effortlessly expounded the principles of God’s Word, moving the audience with conviction. There was something about his influence and ability to communicate that I admired. I dreamt that one day I would be able to move people in the same way. 

But I lived in a small town. I had no money. I had no connections, and I had no earthly idea how God could use me because of my surroundings. I had a small beginning. As I grew older, I began to give into the idea that I could never achieve my impossible dreams. I began to hibernate my significance. My dreams went to sleep, and with them, the possibility of my future.

It was years and thousands of mistakes later that I remembered the birth of Moses. He was born to a Hebrew slave while Pharaoh called for the death of all Hebrew boys. Moses had a small beginning. It was God who rescued him from death as a baby to prepare him to lead the great exodus of the nation of Israel. It was God who, in the midst of Moses’s small beginning, had determined his end.  

This story got me thinking about my own small beginning and my dreams that I had suppressed so many years before. The plans that brewed as I watched my dad preach began to awake from their slumber. As I read the sacred Christmas story, God illuminated the birth of our Jesus Christ as a small beginning. The town of Bethlehem was not suited for the King of Kings, and yet it was perfectly suited for Him, by His Father. 

The great characters in Scripture began to flash before me as my dreams regained consciousness. It seemed as though, all along, God had planted me in a small town in Indiana to prepare me for the leadership role He would give me one day. So I began to dream again. As I look back, the spiritual education I received, not just from my home church but from my life experiences growing up, were the foundation for what I am doing now: speaking, writing and leading a women’s conference ministry. 

Jesus’ end was big. He saved the world from sin. I believe that He started small for people like me who need to know that you don’t have to come from means, connections or royalty to be used. God’s plan for your life started at your origin and will be perfectly executed for you to achieve all He has planned for you, if you are available and believe that He will do it. 

One of my favorite verses from Scripture is Job 8:7, “Though your beginning was insignificant, yet your end will increase greatly.” The Bible is the most encouraging book for those with big dreams.  It never says, “You can’t” like the world often does. As a matter of fact, Luke 1:37 says, “For nothing will be impossible with God.” Within the pages, the stories of possibilities speak to what could be.

What dream have you hibernated as a result of your seemingly small beginning? Are your circumstances speaking louder than the pages of the living Word of God? Remember the circumstances of our Savior’s small beginning this Christmas season and let it encourage you. He went out big, and He has a big plan for you.

Autumn Miles is author of “Appointed,” in which she shares her story of escaping an abusive marriage. She is also the founder and CEO of The Blush Network, a women’s conference ministry dedicated to spiritually challenging the way women think. For more information, visit